About us

Safricom Telecommunications is a vibrant and fast-growing telecommunications company that was formed in 2004. After obtaining a telecommunications licence from ICASA, we launched active operations in 2006. We specialise in the provision of broadband Internet and phone services. In moving towards Next Generation Networking, we bring these services to clients through an all-IP (Internet Protocol) network that provides data, voice and video services on the same connection.

We have developed our own infrastructure to deliver services to our clients. We make use of Wi-Fi hotspots and fixed-wireless technology to bring these services to clients. It is predicted that fibre optics and fixed-wireless will drive the growth of telecommunications in sub-Saharan Africa.
As at May 2010, Safricom had more than 700 client installations. These installations serve more than 3000 monthly Internet and phone users.

Safricom employs eight full-time and two part-time employees. We run operations from our 250 m2 office located in James Moroka Street in the Potchefstroom CBD.

The majority of our existing clients have no access to broadband Internet from any other service provider. We thus address this crucial need, offering a lifeline for clients in areas in which traditional providers have failed to provide vital telecommunication services.

Besides providing services to business and home users, we have a special market niche in housing for university students where we provide wireless Internet access via Wi-Fi hotspots.

Safricom initially started operations in the larger Potchefstroom area. In 2010, the company extended coverage to include Fochville, Carletonville, Westonaria, Glen Harvie and large parts of Randfontein.

Some existing clients include:

North-West University, North West Cricket Association, South African National Defence Force, Chubby Chick, Bert’s Bricks, Shabula Lodge, PSG Konsult, Mooimed Hospital, Supreme Poultry, Crest Choice Chicken, ALS Group, Leon van Vuuren Transport, Milkman’s Choice, Duet Gemeente, Talisman.