Monthly capped services

BronzeR175.003 GB at 2 Mbps line speed
SilverR250.005 GB at 3 Mbps line speed
GoldR375.008 GB at 4 Mbps line speed
PlatinumR450.0012 GB at 5 Mbps line speed
RubyR600.0018 GB at 5 Mbps line speed
DiamondR750.0024 GB at 5 Mbps line speed

Larger packages are available on request.

Broadband is a best-effort service, line speeds cannot be guaranteed due to various factors.

Data top-up

R39.00 – 1000 MB via Call Centre
R29.00 – 1000 MB via SMS

* Users in rural areas may need to pay an additional fee, depending on the base station from which services are received.

Monthly uncapped services

All our uncapped packages offer a Download Data Allowance, which can be used for either normal downloading, Internet browsing or e-mail access, while the bundle lasts. Our uncapped package offering has competitive usage discount time periods: From 11pm to 7am on weekdays and over weekends (8pm on Fridays to 7am on Mondays).

R325.00 – 10 GB at 0.512 Mbps line speed
R488.00 – 15 GB at 1.024 Mbps line speed
R650.00 – 20 GB at 2.048 Mbps line speed
R813.00 – 25 GB at 2.048 Mbps line speed
R975.00 – 30 GB at 2.048 Mbps line speed
R1300.00 – 40 GB at 2.048 Mbps line speed

Wi-Fi hotspots

Tokens* Prepaid Internet

R20.00 – 200 MB
R50.00 – 700 MB
R99.00 – 2000 MB
R150.00 – 3500 MB
R200.00 – 5000 MB

Tokens* Local is Lekker

R40.00 – 7 days
R100.00 – 30 Days
R900.00 – 365 Days

Tokens can be purchased at any time through the hotspot via credit card. Alternatively, paper tokens are available from various shops, including Insleep Supermarket on the Bult. Users can pay for monthly accounts through the hotspot at the same rate as the monthly broadband packages. Monthly account holders have to sign a monthly debit order form to obtain this service.

* Tokens expire 90 days after activation.


Line rental cost

R99.00 monthly rental for a geographic number like 018 285 1xxx

Call rates

R0.55 for local calls to a Telkom number
R0.79 for national calls to a Telkom number
R1.29 for calls to any cellphone network

International call rates
[ Download PDF 3MB ]